Manicure Curriculum

( 600 Clock Hours Or Equivalent Credit Hours)

(A) Procedures (320 hours)

Basic manicure and pedicure, oil manicure, removal of stains, repair work, hand and arm massage, buffing, application of polish.

Application of artificial nails, application of cosmetic fingernails, preparation to build new nail, and application of nail extensions, sculptured nails , tips , wraps , fiberglass/gels and odorless products.                                                                                  

(B) Bacteriology, Sanitation, and Safety (100 hours)

Definitions, importance, rules, laws, methods, safety measures, hazardous chemicals and ventilation odor in salons.

(C) Professional Practices (80 hours)

Manicuring as a profession, vocabulary, ethics, salon procedures, hygiene and grooming, professional attitude, salesmanship and public relations.

(D) Arms and Hands (70 hours)

Major bones and functions, major muscles and functions, major nerves and functions, skin structure, functions, appendages, conditions and lesions, nail structure, composition, growth, regeneration, irregularities, and diseases.

(E) Orientation, Rules, Laws, and Preparetion (15 hours)

More details will be given in the beginning of the course

(F) Equipment, Implements, and Supplies (15 hours)

Details will be given during the course.

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